Things to do in Colombo

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What is Colombo?

Colombo is the commercial capital and largest city of Sri Lanka by population. In here all nationalities live together, Buddhists, Hindu people, Muslims, and burgher peoples are those. Colombo is well worth a visit for a one day or two when you come as a traveler. Also, it is Avery safe place for an every traveler who wants to discover Colombo.

Colombo is covered with so many things to do and see. Such as temples, parks, beaches, comfortable hotels, clubs, spa, museums, shopping and night life.

Gangarmaya Temple

This is known as the most important and famous temple for Buddhists. It is located in very close to center of Colombo. This temple has done by 19th century. It has stunning buddha’s statues, a great museum, also it is a wonderful place to experience how Sri Lankans do their rituals and worship in a Buddhists Buddhists temple.

Pettah Market

This market is the most popular place for the local people. In here there are few  streets, and each street’s market sells lot different things such as clothes, flowers, plastics, fabrics, bags ,shoes, cleaning products, jewellery, electrical stuffs etc… simply can say this market have every things that people need.also its located in front  of the Colombo railway station.  This is the cheapest place for the for buy their needs.

Old Dutch Hospital

Old dutch hospital is a one of the oldest structures of the busy commercial trade zone of the Colombo fort region in Sri Lanka. This building was initially designed as a hospital for the soldiers and personnel of the Dutch east Indian company. Today, this historic building houses an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and shops. And also there is a pub on-site and that is a ideal spot to chill out with friends after Dinner or after office on a weekend.

Lotus Tower

 This is one of the most popular tourists attraction in Colombo town. This also known as the (Nelum Kuluna) in Sinhala. Its 356 meters and the tallest tower in south Asia and 19th tallest tower in the world. This tower has 13 floors including accommodation, super market, gaming Centres, restaurants, banquettes etc. It is open 24 hours and and in all over the year. this is a place that you should never missed in Colombo. 

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque

This has located in the center of the port area of old Colombo and is is a very unique building with an impressive architecture. Also this is known as the Red mosque in Colombo. This has stunning structure with red colour paintings in outside.  While visiting the pettah market this can be seen, its a kind of middle in the pettah market area.

Independence Square

Independence memorial hall is a national monument in Sri Lanka built for commemoration of the independence of sri Lanka from the British rule with the restoration of full governing responsibility. This construction had started on 1949 and completed on 1953. Now this memorial hall is most popular as a recreational venue for joggers, strolling couples, students from the nearby university and families looking for a refreshing reprieve from the urban environment of Colombo. This hall has located in the independence square at Colombo 07. Most of the visitors had missed the museum located in the basement of the independence memorial hall. This museum has many statues of the national heroes, who contributed to the fight for freedom from British government.

Galle Face Green

       Galle face is a 12 acres ocean side urban park which is located in heart of Colombo. Also can say this is the largest open space in Colombo with Indian Ocean. For children, teenagers, lovers, kite flyers, this is a great place.  There is 500 meters track next to the ocean with full of little food shops, street foods. For traveler who stay in Galle face hotel, cinnamon grand, Taj Samudra, Shangri la ,Kingsbury hotel this is only  500 meter walking distance .this place is must be visited on your holiday.

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