Stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka

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Stilt fishing is a traditional style of fishing practised by local fishermen in sri Lanka, specially on the southern coast. With a perfect balance and an insurmountable amount of a patience, fishermen perch themselves on cross- shaped beams & wait for their catch of the day!

Stilt fishermen are often see in the coast around Galle, in towns like koggala or Ahangama. Some fishermen might charge you a small fee, whether you’re taking a picture of them or your self on their stilts.

Experienced fishermen will give you a step by step explanation on how to catch fish while perched on a cross shaped beam.

Should you do get lucky & catch a fish , bring it back to our chefs and they’ll prepare it the way you like!!!
Many travelers interested to get in to the stick and get some their cool pictures like a fishermen☺☺. So in this places you would be able to fulfill your dream,instead Travelers can help the fishermens with a little tips.

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