Most popular fashion trends in sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has a vibrant range of spices of spices for add colour & flavour to a meal, the textile variety also dynamic, influenced by wrstern & traditional methods combined to create some extraordinary apparel.

Hand woven textiles & batik

Hand woven and batik are more than jusy a sri lankan fashion industry. It is a part of our unique cultural identity. You can see how to weave handloom clothes in your sri lankan journey.

Batik also orginated centuries ago & is influenced by Indonesian culture. The motifs colours used in batik material is a variety between traditional, contemporary & individualized options.
These handmade looms & batiks are often seen in sarees& sarongs.

Sarees & Sarongs

When you visit sri Lanka you can see many women have wear saree. And also many work places in sri lanka require women to be dressed in a saree. Teachers, office women, tea pluckers for example.
Most fashion designers in sri lanka have designed sarees with new fabrics such as bafia, tie-dye & modern linen for crate unique items. Most fashion designers in sri lanka.

And also modern designs of sarongs include tuxed sarongs with pockets, denim sarongs, printed sarongs & so on.

Linen clothes

Sri Lankan linen has become a popular choice for clothing in a tropical climatw like our climate. Linen is a luxury material as compared with cotton, nylon and viscose. linen is expensive more than other materials. But due to hot climate in sri Lanka.

Be a part of a attractive fashion designs in sri lanka

   During your holiday in sri lanka you will notice how tourist hotspot cities. Such as kandy, galle, sigiriya, Anuradapura & colombo  etc. We can go with you some several shops and you can invest few  for buy these trending clothes, sarongs, sarees, linen clothes, handlooms, & batiks. You can take these home as useful memory.

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