Sri Lanka Cost of Travel

Sri Lanka is a travel-friendly destination, yet costs are quickly increasing as more tourists become aware of this island gem.

The expense of traveling to Sri Lanka is substantially less than it is to travel to Europe, Australia, or North America. However, we discovered that everyday prices were higher than in Vietnam and India.

Travelers on a tight budget can still get to Sri Lanka for less than USD 30 per person per day.

Stay in modest guesthouses, eat rice and curries at neighborhood eateries, and travel the nation via trains, tuk-tuks, and buses.

Sri Lanka can be visited for less than $50 per person per day for those on a budget.

This would entail paying for some journeys by vehicle, dining at both local and tourist restaurants, resting in cozy guesthouses, and participating in a variety of organized activities like a safari.

This was our budget for our most recent vacation to Sri Lanka, and as a family of four, we easily remained under it.

The possibilities are endless for travelers in luxury! There are many possibilities to spend your vacation, including six-star eco-lodges, opulent Ayurvedic spas, deluxe safari camps, and beach resorts.

In Sri Lanka, the cost of food, trains, and buses is very reasonable.

We rarely spent more than USD 20 on dinner as a family of four, and street food snacks cost less than a dollar.

In Sri Lanka, train rides cost only a few bucks apiece. Each of our four local bus rides costs less than $1. There are several ways to have a luxurious vacation on a budget.

The cost of lodging varies greatly, however it is easy to get a lot of decent lodging for between $20 and $50 USD per night, which is comparable to other regions in Asia.

In the off-season, I believe you may find excellent rates on luxurious lodging for less than $80 USD per night.

We discovered that drivers and cars were relatively pricey and that tuk-tuks required intense haggling (or using the PickMe app). The cost of wine and beer is higher than in other nations.

Compared to other regions of Asia, laundry was expensive, but our Scrubba wash bag helped keep prices down.

Day trips and extracurricular pursuits like led hikes appeared to be rather pricey.

Additionally, admission fees to various attractions, like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy Botanical Gardens, were much higher than other everyday expenses.

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