Best 5 waterfall to visit in Sri lanka.

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Bambaraknda  waterfall

Bambara Kanda waterfall has situated in Kullupahana in the Badulla district also it is  one hour drive from famous tourist attraction placed call Ela .this is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka it is 263 metres from the sea level this waterfall was formed by Kudaoya which is a branch of the walwe river in Sri Lanka. this waterfall can be found in a forest of Pine trees. November to April you can see the fall has better water level and other months are quite low water level is there and in the same mountain area we can visit few more water fall such as boatpath ella ,yalhalathenna waterfall wtc…. the same time tourist a able to visit famous addition bungalow near haputhale. walking to the top of the walking to the top of the waterfall40  minutes one way  through the  pine trees and it has a nice Shades and wonderful waves of the Mountain area. nowadays visitors are not allowed to swim top of the fall according to an unsafe situation of the top .but visitors are allowed to swim in the lower part of the Fall.

Ramoboda falls.

Ramboda Falls called as the 11 highest water fall in Sri Lanka . This fall is 109 meters of the height it is situated in pussellawa area. we cross the this area driving through Kandy to nuwara eliya this area is really famous for the tea Gardens you can see lots of mountain and all mountain full of tea Gardens. This fall is beside of the road this also a place where people go for bath. there is a famous tourist spot to visit this water fall,that is called ramboda Falls hotel .from this hotel there is a staircase to go to the lowest part of the waterfall. in the lowest part anybody is not allowed to swim but that is a wonderful place to to relax and take some nice pictures and hotel runs a nice little coffee shop and a bar in the lowest part of the waterfall their you can have a nice sit and waterfall is just 5 metres away you can have a nice drink and relax and enjoy. the weather is pleasant through the year October to January the climate is wet chances of precipitation .February is refreshing and perfect

Rawana water fall 

Rawana fall is a one of a famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka this is situated in 6 kilometres away from the famous tourist placed called ella and this water fall just beside the main road it is 25 metres height and elevation is is 1050 meters this water fall owns really nice and safe Naturals pool ,here vitors able to swim when water is not so high the visitors who don’t want to swim in the pool it is still good idea to visit because there is a great point were you can have some nice memorable pictures. when the water is heigh not allowed to get close to the waterfall due to security purposes .but visitors can get nice pictures from the point and from side of the main road. around this fall has some nice little shops like where you can get some mangoes, corn , nice postcards, and can see some monkeys .

Diyaluma fall

Diyaluma fall rank as the second heiger water fall in sri lanka and it is 220m height. This fall is situated in Badulla district on colombo- Badulla highway. Visitors who travelling through the Ella via Thanamalvila meet a small city called wellawaya from this city 11km away. The road to fall is likely bumping ( not very comfortable) road and need a private transportation to get their. This is a  place must go nice and lovely hike and it has a wanderfull natural pool. In there you can swim as you wish. It will take around one hour to reach to the top. So it will be a really good idea to get a local guide to do this hike with you. And also this is a wonderful spot to get an unforgettable height camping experience in sri lanka. People who was to discover the waterfall tour in diyaluma they might need around half day. For a great experience the after you visiting the  fall you have opportunity to visit a local rubber factory at the same time.

Bakers fall

This famous for located in Horton Plains national park of Sri Lanka and it is situated in 1 hour away from nuwa eliya city
this is 20 metres high water fall .the fall were named after British Explorer and big game hunter ,sir Samuel Baker many Rhododendron fern bushes can be seen around the waterfall. it is a great place to have a set for a minute and hear the sound of the waterfall .this waterfall has no access to swim or take a bath that is not possible in this place. For the visitors who wants to see the waterfall they have to enter 6.00 clock in the morning and return back at 6:00 pm . Also there are no any of transportation inside the this nation National Park. its only walking . from the entrance you will take 35 to 40 minutes to get closer to the waterfall and whole walking journey inside the park will take around three hours in total.also inside the park you can see famous worlds end mini worlds end, endemic plants and some of the dears ,this is a wonderful walking with cold and sunny weather.its worth to visit.

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