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10 things travelers should never do in Sri lanka

Don't turn your back on a buddha statue

This action is considered to be disrespectful . when you take photos or sitting in front of a statue make sure everyone in there is facing the statue.

Don't touch any dogs that don't have their ears clipped or don't have a collar

It is common for vets to clip dogs ears to show that they have been vaccinated, and most domesticated dogs will have also been vaccinated. however you can never be too safe most Street dogs in Sri Lanka are nothing but lovely, but avoid touching them unless you know for certain that they have been vaccinated against rabies .if you are bitten by a dog or even a monkey go directly to the hospital. in case if you bitten by a dog dog in Sri Lanka it will take so long time to you to treat yourself.

Don't ride a scooter or motorcycle without a helmet

If you are wish to travel in sri lanka and explore the beauty of sri lanka by riding a motor bike, scooter rentals are not as big in sri Lanka as they are in places like Bali and Thailand, you might still be able to rent scooters here and there. Specially along the southern coas. You will stopped by the police if you ride a motor bike in sri lanka without a helmet, and you will be fined. Don’t you want protect your noggin in case you met an accident?

Don't cross the road without looking both ways

Please use designated cross walks if theres a lot of  on coming traffic, and be vigilant during dusk and at night  there are lots of blind corners. 

Don't be disrespectful to religious shrines &monuments

Cover your legs and shoulders and take off shoes, hats if you are entering a Buddhist temple. Don’t mock the buddha and don’t pose for photographs with your back .

Don't hop into a tuk tuk untill you have agreed on a price.

When a using a tuk tuk always better ask a price on first and then start the journey. Otherwise different drivers will tell you different prices because you are a tourist. Best option is find a metres taxy in sri Lanka. They always have a fixed rate. If they don’t have a meter you better ask them to pay for kilometres that you ride

Don't expect your international credit card to work every where.

Specifically in small towns and hotels cash is king.if you do need to withdraw cash look for a sampath bank, commercial bank,Hatton national bank,..where they are more likely to take an international debit or credit cards.

Don't walk around town half naked

Sri lanka is unlike some other asian countries in the sense. That is is still relatively modest. If you ride shirtless on scooter or walk around town in a bikini, maybe you will be stopped by police in the streets and will told you to cover up. Don’t worry bikinis are fine when you are actually on the beach.

Don't try to check in to a hotel without a bed

Don’t expect to find beds in all hotels.confusingly for tourists, many small restaurants and little accommodation are called hotels. So when you looking for a bed make sure you have reserved in advance and all your needs are their

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