10 must try street food of sri Lanka

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10 must try street food of sri Lanka

If you love street food , then sri lanka is the place for you! The tropical island serves some great tasting street food, popular for their blend of fiery spices , mixed with creamy curries & the rich flavours. These are also light on your wallet, and a must try for anyone visiting the country. Here’s a list of the best sri lankan street food. Don’t forget to get the taste of real street foods in your trip to Sri Lanka!



Wade or vada are popular snacks in sri Lanka. There are two main varieties of wade wich are Ulundu and Dhal. A mouth- watering lentil patty, wade is the srapie to have on the street if you are planning to set off for a sri lankan food tour. Besides the usual wade made tram urad dal, the island country also serves its alternative version , called isso wade, which is made from fried prawns. The ulundu wade are soft and its very tasty with a cup of tea.


Hoppers are crispy, bowl shaped and its made with rice flavour. Its crispy on the outside and gooey in the centre. These crispy hoppers usually are sold in the roadsideshops and even in the famous Resturants across sri lanka. There are differnt kinds of hoppers. Some hoppers have made using eggs. Its are very very tasty and looks also good. Sri lankan called for that kind hoppers as egg hoppers. There is a egg in the centre of that egg hoppers. And also plain hoppers also very tasty and normally sri lankan eat hoppers with chutney, jam, butter or a chilly sambol. And there is a kinds of hoppers and it’s making using sugar and its have a light brown colour. Sri lankan called for it as sweet hoppers.
If you take a long trip around the sri lanka you will be able to see small shops selling these hoppers in different varieties. Don’t missed to try this in sri lanka!


Pittu is a tripical rice side that are cylinders of steamed riced mixed with grated coconut. Normally sri lankan eat this with a curry. This is suitable for a breakfast.


Another popular street food in sri Lanka is kottu. Which is basically a grilled mix of up mostly of shredded meat , eggs and vegetables. It is mixed using a steel blades that chop the ingredients into smaller pieces and then scrapped into a take away plate. Kottu is typically served with a spicy curry sause that you can useas a dip on the side. Kottu is best for dinner.

String hoppers

String hoppers is a traditional Sri Lankan and south Indian specialty consisting of rice flour or kurrakkan ragi flour. That is squeezed into a press to form thin noodles, that are then steamed before serve. In sri lanka, string hoppers served with a variety of dishes such as stews (E.g. vegetable stews or chicken curries) , egg curies, kirihodi or coconut sambol. String foods good for the breakfast or a light dinner.


Samosa are one of the most ubiquitous snack items available on the road side streets of sri lanka. Samosa are generously filled with potatoes, onions, peas and spicy masala covered with a pastry dough that after rolling is fried in hot oil. Usually samosa get a shape of triangle.


Sri Lanka loves its fruit and its spicy what better than to combine the both of them for a street food snack. You will find veralu ( ceylon olive) , mangoes, aplles, gooseberries and pineapples pickled in spices and served on a plate. As bizzare as it sounds, this street food in sri lanka is widely popular among the locals, and the salt and spices bring out the best flavour the fruits.

Manioc chips

Maniocis a type of cassava like tropica. Manioc chips are very crispy and very tasty. They are vertically cur and deep. Fried seasoned with salt and mild spices. Once you beging eating these chips, you cannot stop!

Pan cakes

Pam cake is more like a sweet crepe than an actual pan cake. When you are travelling in this island, you will come across many local restaurants serving this delicasy. Quite often you will find sri lankan sri lankan pan cakes sold at incredibly law prices tol! It is a perfect accompaniment to your cup of afternoon tea. The sweet taste of the pancake will perfectly blend with the rich tang of your tea, creating .linvering after taste . A mixture of sugar and coconut is wrapped within the pancake and this is what makes it truly quite remarkable. This mixture , which is called pani pol is what is found inside the exotic ‘lavariya’ too, which is yet another popular local delicasy!


Roti is a simple sri lankan flat bread made with wheast flavour and added ingredients create different varieties like thengappu roti made with dried coconut flakes and uraippu roti made with chopped onions and green chills. An assortment of perfect flavours, its many versions, including plain roti, vegetable roti , egg roti and meat or fish roti are meant to take you fancy .

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